In the Night

Sinuous residential tower integrated with an existing century-old masonry building bridges the past and present.


ResidentialIn Progress


This striking apartment building is Long Island City’s first Art-Moderne skyscraper. It marries a century-old masonry building with a sinuous new addition. Retaining the old building gave the project a character and identity as it serves well as a base for a tower rising above it.

The design took inspiration from the elevated subway and highway bridge on the site, and the many billboards overlooking it. Commuters will experience the building in transit, from the window of a train or automobile. This kinetic energy is translated in the horizontal blurred lines of the sculptural facade.

Project details

A transitional band shares the massing of the original building, and the language of the new one, bridging high and low, past and present. The rise and fall of the horizontal banding pattern responds to the interior uses, with large windows in the living rooms and opaque walls covering the bathrooms.

Amenities include a game room, tenant lounge, and co-working space, fitness center and outdoor lounge centered around a fire pit. The interior design take cues from fresh patterns and bold graphics, which appeal to the young demographic moving into this neighborhood.

Long Island City, New York
Silverback Development
9,300 sqm
100,000 sf
Expected Completion