Settled Living

Boutique condominium development with lush plantings and generous outdoor spaces provides inner-urban oasis for residents.

510 Driggs Avenue

Located in Brooklyn’s buzzing Williamsburg neighborhood, 510 Driggs Avenue is an amenity-rich, lushly-planted development with generous outdoor spaces. The six-story, mixed-use building includes 44 two- and three-bedroom apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows and street level retail.

Project details

The building’s design takes inspiration from the character of the Williamsburg neighborhood – both in scale and material. The large industrial loft scale of Driggs Avenue is stitched into the residential fabric of the smaller houses along the narrower 8th Street. The brick frontage of the lower levels maintains the continuous street wall, while the warm gray brick façade and structure are based on a 25’ module which relates to the typical width of surrounding residences. On the upper floors, the building steps away from the street wall, creating terraces and allowing for the introduction of a glass window wall which adds depth and shadow to the facade.

Rich with amenities, a reflecting pool in the lobby, lush plantings, and over 1,000 square feet of outdoor spaces including a rooftop garden, the development provides a unique inner-urban oasis for its residents.

Brooklyn, New York
Hampshire Properties
8,550 sqm
92,000 sf