Architectural Masterpiece

Seamlessly blending sophistication and natural beauty.


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Introducing Siranna—an architectural masterpiece nestled along the Gulf of Aqaba, seamlessly blending sophistication and natural beauty. Inspired by forgotten civilizations, its design integrates with the adjacent mountain and wadi, creating a truly unique experience for guests.

Project details

Crafted by our skilled architects, Siranna boasts a harmonious union of historical charm and futuristic living within its 65-key hotel and 35 exclusive residences.

At the core of Siranna’s design philosophy is a commitment to minimal intervention in nature, employing innovative techniques to preserve the natural environment. Its dynamic and immersive design allows guests to escape the noise of everyday life and connect with nature.

Siranna’s signature beach club, world-class wellness experiences, and discovery trails create a chic yet serene sanctuary, offering the ultimate luxury hospitality experience.
The exquisite design of Siranna sets the stage for unique experiences that foster original thinking and pure relaxation.

Gulf of Aqaba, Saudi Arabia

“Currently, the presence of a digital consciousness has really stolen everyone’s focus. Siranna will release you from that and profoundly shift you into the physical beyond any imagination that you’ve ever experienced.”

Nik Karalis, CEO, Woods Bagot

“We imagined that, thousands of years ago, an old civilization built this incredible masterpiece and, through time, nature took over – then we found it and created a luxury hotel.”

Paolo Testolini, Principal, Woods Bagot