An Authentic Escape

A fully integrated sustainability and wellness offering which celebrates the spirit of the Dandenong Ranges.

Burnham Beeches
Burnham Beeches historical photograph

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The Six Senses resort at Burnham Beeches provides an authentic escape for discerning travellers with a combination of reclusive art décor Mansion, or unique hilltop glamping combined with a community-based Village Green hospitality and festival venue.

Sprinkled across 56 acres of site, the master plan encompasses three experiential zones – the Mansion and Spa, the Village Green, and the Hilltop Retreat. The Hotel guestrooms include 45 Mansion suites, 12 cottage style units and 24 glamping units.

Project details

Guests also experience the signature sustainability and wellness style of Six Senses with treatment rooms, hydro & relax, a pool house, earth and grow labs as well as numerous on-site vegetable and production gardens.

In addition, the hospitality offering comprises a hotel venue bar and dining, open to both the public and guests as well as the farm style Village Green surrounded by an eclectic mix of re-purposed buildings
including The Hearth, The Barn, The Steak House, The Baker, The Providore, and children’s exploration zones. A regenerated oak truffle farm also invites guests to picnic under the groves or to embark on a unique foraging adventure.

Woods Bagot together with OCULUS are carefully regenerating the surrounding environment – a combination of a unique Australian mountain range ecosystem with its associated Grande European planting species. Hence its name, Burnham Beeches.

Melbourne, Australia
Trenerry Property Group
15,000 sqm of built form 56 acres – site wide
AUD 100 million
Architecture, Interior Design, Masterplanning
Collaborative Partners
Six Senses, Urban Develop, Hamilton Marino Builders, OCULUS, WSP, Webber Design, Lovell Chen
Render of Woods Bagot's masterplan for Burnham Beeches.
Burnham Beeches historical shot from the driveway

(Left) The Norris Building, pictured by the Victorian Railways in 1947. (Right) Historical photographs of the Burnham Beeches Estate. Image courtesy State Library of Victoria.

“Burnham Beeches has been vacant for 36 years in its 89-year history, and we now have a dedicated and world-class team passionate about activating the site as it was always intended to be.”

Robert Dicintio, Trenerry Director
Render of the terrace at Burnham Beeches' The Brew House. One of four buildings at Burnham Beeches.

Render of the terrace at Burnham Beeches’ The Brew House. One of four buildings at Burnham Beeches.

Burnham Beeches historical photograph laboratory

Until 1954, the house and property were handed over to Mr and Mrs Nicholas’ company and converted to a research laboratory. The estate was also used as a children’s hospital during the war.

“It’s a project that is inspired by its past, and yet is yearning for a future.”

Nik Karalis, Woods Bagot CEO
Burnham Beeches historical photograph greenhouse garden

The original Alfred Nicholas Gardens of the estate were renowned for the extensive water features including a boathouse, Blackfish Pons and lakes. (Parks Victoria)

Render of the fireside dining at The Hearth. One of four buildings at Burnham Beeches.

Render of the fireside dining at The Hearth. One of four buildings at Burnham Beeches.