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Sunshine Financial Center

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Rising 205 metres in the Beijing skyline, Sunshine Insurance’s headquarters takes inspiration from the lotus flower at its base, contrasting with the square footprint of more traditional tall towers.

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Project details

The tower meets the ground with a typical square footprint with rounded corners that gradually morphs into an ellipse at its soaring crown. The tower prioritizes view corridors to the northwest, towards CCTV and China World Trade Center Tower III, as well as to the southeast, facing the downtown skyline. The lower, square footprint lends itself to a typical office lease-out for multiple tenants, while the more unusual curves of the summit accommodates Sunshine Insurance’s requirements as a single tenant occupant.


The transition from an orthogonal to curved geometry is elegant with clean detailing. Internal three-story atriums dot the broad face of the tower, culminating in a full-floor, five-story atrium a and multi-functional space t Level 49, providing entertainment and events facilities with 360-degree views.

Beijing, China
Sunshine Insurance
91,000 sqm
990,000 sf
Building Height
205 meters
672 feet

2015 Asia Pacific
Property Awards,
Highly Commended,
Office Architecture, Chinaimage

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