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Deakin Law Building

The new law building creates a major arrival point within the Elgar Road Precinct, providing a point of orientation, wayfinding and enhanced campus experience. It reinforces connectivity across the precinct, allowing for clearly defined movement for both pedestrians and vehicles. The number and mix of learning spaces have arisen from modeling and analysis as well as in depth stakeholder engagement to ensure that the project meets the needs of the Burwood campus over the next 10 years.

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Project details

The brief includes a health and wellness center, gymnasium, cafe and student social spaces that consider the full experience of students and staff on campus In addition, careful consideration of the sloping site includes a range landscape spaces that enable both active and contemplative areas. The architectural expression announces the functional hierarchy of the teaching spaces, with premier learning spaces articulated as dynamic extrusions set apart from the main wing of the building. Each space addresses a different approach to large format teaching, doing away with the traditional lecture theatre in the process. To meet Deakin University’s vision, the new law building will inspire a community of learners, be accessible to the Deakin community, and prepare students to become global citizens.

Melbourne, Australia
Deakin University
ASPECT Studios (Landscape)
  • AIA Victoria Awards (2022) – Winner, Educational Architecture
  • WAN Awards (2022) – Gold Award, Higher Education and Research Facilities

Talk to Sarah Ball about Education and Science