Carefully expressing the corporate culture of Trout & Partners, an office space that aspires to spatially represent the companies unique methodology of strategic positioning.

Trout & Partners

As one of the world’s most prestigious strategic consulting firms, W-B was engaged to create an Headquarter office in Shanghai to equally reflect the companies aspirations as a leader in its field. Providing a full service offering – Brand Visioning, Interior Design, Styling and Visual Identity, the result is a carefully articulated design of premium materials and highly functional tech-rich spaces.

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Project details

By translating the companies methodology of “outside/in thinking”, the form of a cube is explored by various interventions to inform the spatial planning and detail. These interventions begin to determine the spatial function: degree of privacy + acoustics, focus or collaborative work, formal or social settings, framing of views.

Shanghai, China
Trout & Partners
2,700 sqm

Talk to Pearl Huang about Workplace Interiors