Saved Heritage

Built in 1916, the strong architectural language of the Commonwealth Bank’s iconic ‘money box’ building provided a strong foundation that inspired the design for Challenger’s new workplace.


Strategic in both concept and design, the design fosters alignment to grow the capability of the organization in line with business objectives. Looking back in order to create a forward-thinking workplace, work floors comprise of individual and project based work stations, semi-open meeting pods and small, bookable private meeting rooms. Creating 9,000 square meters of workspace across four levels, the design was focused on bringing people together.

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Project details

Shared by multiple tenancies, the buildings void is complemented by a glazed feature staircase that contributes to the distinctive aesthetic of the space. The stair acts to connect all four Challenger floors, providing both physical and visual linkages across the business. Comprising of steel construction with Australian Blackbutt timber cladding, the stair sits adjacent to the void, with glazed balustrades enabling a highly transparent feature that subtly references the organization’s objectives.

The finishes scheme develops the heritage-inspired palette using natural stones and textured glazing. Ceramic wall and floor tiles alongside bronze trim and fluted glass bricks reference the past, while contemporary furniture enables modern functionality, detailed considerately with the heritage overlay.

Timber beams and ceiling panels replicate the pattern of the heritage glazing, while the geometric motif in the ceiling at reception is inspired by the building’s original stained glass windows. Client-facing meeting rooms situated on level two are finished with Sydney Harbour Bridge steel paint in a nod to the heritage aesthetic as well as the building’s location.

Considering workplace efficiency and employee wellbeing, Challenger’s new workplace delicately balances collaboration and the requirement for privacy, facilitating a productive environment that builds engagement and enables connectivity within the Challenger community.

Sydney, Australia
9,000 square meters

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