Spotlight – Jenny Olver, Mix 30 under 30 alumna


Step into the vibrant world of design with Jenny Olver, an alumna of Mix Interiors 30 under 30 and an accomplished interior designer at Woods Bagot.

Beyond showcasing skills, Jenny’s coveted spot in the Class of 2023 signifies her commitment to people and culture. An advocate for fostering a thriving workplace environment, Jenny goes the extra mile to shape the dynamic studio culture at Woods Bagot in London. Infused with a touch of Scottish spirit and a love for Sauvignon Blanc, Jenny is making waves in the world of commercial interior design. As she proudly declares, “You will hear me before you see me!” – Jenny Olver is a presence that resonates far beyond the blueprints and color palettes.

Firstly, tell us about yourself. Your role and journey at Woods Bagot or interests as an interior designer.

I first joined Woods Bagot for work experience in 2019, and continued to work throughout the rest of my studies until I was about to join full time after my masters. I am now a midweight interior designer working on cross sector projects. My recent project experience includes event venues, residential and workplace. I am passionate about the importance of a strong workplace culture and always seek to contribute to this through my engagement and facilitation of additional activities around the office, including lunch and learns, softball and encouraging work experience visits.


What inspires you, and how do you bring yourself to work?

I find inspiration in observing the way people interact with one another and with their surroundings. Interior design and architecture is used daily which means it needs to be carefully crafted to fulfill our needs and desires. It is fascinating to witness how these spaces can adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing requirements of individuals. By prioritizing the needs of people when designing spaces, we can create environments that foster growth and encourage positive experiences. My favourite spaces to watch these interact are hotels, restaurants and workplace environments.

Contributing to Woods Bagot’s London Studio Education Outreach, Jenny Olver and Harry Adams were guests, delivering an engaging assembly to Year 11 students at London Enterprise Academy, shedding light on careers in Architecture and Interior Design.

London Studio Interiors Team

Maria Filar, Marselle Jimenez, Jenny Olver and Brooke Radtke in the W-B London studio.

What work are you the proudest of at Woods Bagot?

Convene at Sancroft, opening in 2024, is a very special project to me. The project itself is a flagship meeting and events space, featuring 7 meeting rooms and a Great Hall space with a capacity of 900 people, the largest above-ground meeting room in the City of London. There is also a ground floor amenity space, which creates a hospitality space for the wider building tenants with a bar, lounge and “library space”. My experience and journey with the project began with the development of a strong narrative which is built from foundations of contextual understanding and local principles. The building sits on Paternoster Square directly adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral, surrounded by both historic and modern buildings. The design concept is drawn from the craftsmanship of the local context and its interior design seeks to restore Elizabethan vistas whilst synthesizing with contemporary architecture, remaining sensitive to the area. When designing for Convene we design with 3 main components the architectural, residential, and contextual. With this process we were able to ensure the design was unique to its city and offer the most appropriate experience for the people that use the space.

Watching the project develop on site and seeing the designs our team developed come to life, as we clarified details and monitored the progress in line with the design intent, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career so far.

See Woods Bagot’s award-winning work at Convene at 22 Bishopgate. The project won the Mixology Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors 30-70k sq ft and the BCO (British Council for Officers) Innovation award.

Convene at Sancroft renders.

“By prioritizing the needs of people when designing spaces, we can create environments that foster growth and encourage positive experiences.”

As an interior designer, named 30 Under 30 by Mix Interiors, is there any advice you’d like to give to budding young designers?

If I could go back and reassure myself on the path of my career, I would give these three main pieces of advice which I still follow (or try my best to!) today.

Always try to be yourself. Everyone’s journey starts from a different place, your own personality and experiences are unique and should be valued.

Learn to enjoy the process, no one person knows all the answers. As long as you enjoy learning new things and take opportunities along your journey you will always be successful.

Relationships within the industry are crucial to developing a strong presence in the interior design world. So, embrace events and networking as it will create lots of opportunity for collaboration with others.

Jenny accepting the Mix interiors 30 under 30 award.

In its eighth consecutive year, Mix Interiors 30 under 30 continues to unveil exceptional designers navigating the ever-evolving landscape of commercial interior and design. These pioneers, including Jenny, are not just embracing change in an industry shifting from traditional offices to the rise of AI; they are leading the way with unparalleled creativity, unwavering work ethic, and groundbreaking ideas. So, we celebrate this Woods Bagot wonder and her well-deserved spot in the Mix Interiors 30 under 30 Class of 2023 and the entire cohort – the trailblazers shaping the future of commercial interior design and architecture.


The Woods Bagot team collecting the award at Mixology23 for Convene at 22 Bishopgate.

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