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Haimen Cruise Industry Plant aims to act its leading role of Cruise Culture in China.

Merchants Business Park

China has the potential to become the world’s largest cruise market. A burgeoning middle class is flocking to luxury vacation cruises.

The Chinese government has defined cruise vessels as “strategic equipment” for the nation, which means that development support and subsidies are high on its list of priorities. With government help, ports are working hard to upgrade their infrastructure for new tonnage and more ships.

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Project details

By embracing its historical and cultural moment while prioritizing user experience. A Cruise Theme Industry Park is inspired by the spirit of cruise travel line. Diverse life styles for every one of every generations indulged in one gathered space. A space where we nurture the Dream of Cruise.

The design considers the requirements of cruise manufacturing and industrail park, finally meets the rational output. Form, space, and cost has well established into the State-of-the-Art concept.

Haimen, China
China Merchants
120,200 sqm site 1
152,770 sqm site 3,4

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