Convergence of light and infinite energy

A sky journey that breaks down the boundaries of a traditional workspace, offering community and adaptability.

China Merchants Tower Dome Renovation
Tower Dome Interiors
China Merchants Tower Dome Renovation Interior Design

The vision was to create a global benchmark work environment that embodies ‘transparency’ and ‘flexibility’ – key characteristics for Woods Bagot’s concept design.

Occupying the transparent spherical space on the top floor of China Merchants Tower, Beijing, the design is centered around the 360-degree panoramic striking view of the landscape and CBD skyline. The wide field of vision and spectrum of light illuminates the space which resembles the feeling of floating in the sky and encompasses an infinite energy.

Project details

The 20-year-old tower dome’s existing infrastructure and façade was naturally a spectacle, so the interior renovation has maximized the visitor experience, allowing for an open and fluid journey. 

The people-centric workplace spreads over 3 floors, including the reception, workplace, and executive floors, all equipped with high-quality amenities. 6 columns throughout the structure are a vertical feature and they collectively breakdown the boundaries of the space, offering community and adaptability. 

The reinvigorated workplace incorporates a unique ceiling system – the structure itself and strong visual of the dome leads the viewers eyes to the landscape which provides a unique engagement to the outside.

Seamless technology integration for a flexible and sustainable workplace has been achieved by designing a core ceiling structure: the “HALO.”  HALO provides tracks for the interchangeable division of space and integrates all ceiling equipment; curtain track, lamps, and MEP. The overall HALO is a multi-functional design by merging soft materials to create transparent closed/enclosed adaptable zones. 

The natural stainless steel sloping ceiling design along the façade brings the scenery and light into the interior space to the maximum extent. Also, the ceiling has a sense of infinite extension.

Shading and air conditioning are the keys to space comfort and success for the glass dome space. The metal mesh in the central area of the HALO, corresponds to the meeting area and the glass film provides the shading function for the space. 

For the staircase, Woods Bagot designed glass railings to maximize the space transparently to emphasize a vertical landscape.

The design team enhances the concept of lighting by creating an artificial intelligence skylight on Level 32 to make people feel connected with the 33rd floor.

Beijing, China
Onward Science & Trade Center Co., Ltd.
713 sqm (3 levels)
Interior Design
Awards & certifications
  • 2022 Pro+ Awards – Interior Design category, Gold
  • 2023 INDE.Awards – The Work Space, Shortlist
  • 2023 World Interior News (WIN) Awards – Other Workspaces, Shortlist
Tower Dome Interior

The simplicity of this project is what makes it special. By enhancing the existing architectural transparency, our design holistically connected the floors and blurs the boundaries between outside and inside, creating a highly flexible and the ultimate human centric workspace.

Ray Yuen, Principal, Woods Bagot
Tower Dome Interiors stairs
Tower Dome Interior stairs curtain detail
Tower Dome Interior stairs
Tower Dome Halo detail
Tower Dome Interior stairs
Tower Dome sketch

With more than 20 years of history, the spherical ‘Halo’ creates a unique experience.

Tower Dome Interiors stairs
Tower Dome Interiors elevator
Tower Dome drawing
Tower Dome diagram
Tower Dome Interior stairs
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