A flexible workplace and a community platform that brings together diverse entities and people, allowing for innovation and efficiency.

Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road

CapitaLand’s Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road occupies 3-levels (56,000 sqft) flexible workplace at CapitaLand’s 29-story Grade-A office development at 79 Robinson Road, Singapore.

Bridge+ offers a mix of workspace solutions comprising flexi desks, dedicated fixed desks and private suites for various team sizes that facilitate collaborations through knowledge sharing events and networking activities to actively support the growth of FinTech players and enliven the community.

Creating a connected community within spaces that inspires end-users through cohesive and thoughtful design was our core design objectives.

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Project details

A series of keywords were used to drive the design narrative in order to achieve the desired solution that was ultimately conscious of spatial quality and enriching both individual and collaborative user experiences.

Bridge+ spaces encompasses spontaneous visual cues from users’ perspective through various depth of perspective, layering of textures and exploration of materiality throughout its design. With the use of elements that interchange between what is visible and what is not, creating visual attraction through curiosity, revelation and discovery. All while not forgetting to deliberately showcase and display feature pieces which highlight accent collaborative spaces to ignite passion and stimulate creativity amongst co-workers.

5,200 sqm
54,900 sf

Talk to Kirsti Simpson about Workplace Interiors

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