East meets West

The front lane of China and the back lane to Shanghai, this office’s experience embodies the core values of the company whilst showcasing it’s Shanghai spirit.

Bloomberg Shanghai HQ

The design brief for this Shanghai Refurbishment is largely focused on the client facing areas of the Pantry and Event Space. The Pantry is the core of the office, centrally located as the first space upon entry, the branding element as well as the connector to the other public spaces. With the aim to continue this company’s Global leading position for business and financial data, news and insight. Where data, people and ideas intersect.

Project details

Staying true to the company’s core values, the space supports an environment for hospitality, transparency and exchange which characterizes Shanghai and gives a sense of place. Shanghai is an intense intermixing of the old, the new and the future. We like to call it, the ‘Superb Futuristic’. Taking cues from the architecture, street-scape and lifestyle of the Golden Era 1920s Shanghai, and the current yet ever-evolving face of Shanghai today, the design intent is to capture a certain blend in time to inform a typology unique to Bloomberg Shanghai.

Blending the Golden Era heritage inspired timber grid ceiling with the future simplicity of monochromatic architecture space, the new Bloomberg Shanghai experience aims to provide a space that blurs the boundary of traditional reception with an inclusive approach, encourage guest and staff to ‘Interact’.

Shanghai, China
600 sqm
6,450 sf
Interior Design
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