New Traditions

Redefining the the conventions of a traditional office, for a new branding and sense of belonging in very current times.

First Sentier Investors Office

Sentier means ” path” in french. It is the company’s ethos that an uncharacterised path is created by the collective collaboration of individual minds. The re-branding of First Sentier Investors presents an opportunity to redefine the traditional office space and to create a greater sense of belonging through collaboration, wellness, social and focus private spaces.The project challenges the traditional framework of the office in contemporary times where work is no longer confined to the office but at home, in coffee shops, around dining tables, on calls and in huddles.

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Project details

Duality of the front-of-house areas were explored from the reception to the social spaces and the whimsical arrangements carves out spaces for various settings for smart casual meetings and touchdown work. Performance analytic tool were utilised to maximise the efficiency of the floor plate for the various contrasting functions. The open floor plan is cleverly worked with a balance of private phone rooms and meeting rooms to seamless workflow and optimised productivity.The overall palette gleans from the locality between the crossroads of contemporary skyscrapers and heritage buildings. A modern take of the traditional elements the patterns, detailing and use of materials.

First Sentier Investors
740 sqm
7,965 sf

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