Jodi Archer

Sydney Lead – Transport Aviation

Jodi is an experienced designer and leader with over 17 years of working in the design industry. She has a broad range of project experience in various sectors, with a particular focus on transport and aviation. She has played key roles in notable projects like Western Sydney International Airport, Sydney International Airport, Sydney Metro and Perth International Airport.

Throughout her career Jodi has worked in both architectural firms and contracting client-side, providing her with a dynamic approach to projects. Prior to Aviation lead at Woods Bagot she worked as Design Manager within the Planning and Construction Department at Sydney Airport, enabling her to understand total project perspective and complex stakeholder management.

Jodi is known for her collaborative approach, balancing design, program, budget, and commercial feasibility to ensure the successful delivery of every project. Her leadership has been instrumental in the successful outcome of many projects, making her an invaluable asset to any team. With her wealth of experience, Jodi is a reliable and capable designer and leader who is sure to bring her expertise and talent to any project she undertakes.