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From the design of the gates to the cutting-edge baggage handling system where passengers can track their bags via an app and know exactly when they will arrive, the aim for Western Sydney International is to get passengers on their way sooner, whether that’s getting to a meeting on time or arriving home to loved ones.

Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport

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Woods Bagot is the architectural partner in Multiplex’s core consultant team to design and construct the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport terminal. The terminal is being designed with the customer at its heart – with international and domestic services under one roof to deliver a seamless experience for airlines and passengers, whether they be leisure flyers, business travellers or families.

Building on the competition and reference design by Zaha Hadid Architects and Cox Architecture, Woods Bagot’s design encapsulates the sense of place and qualities of the Western Sydney region for a compelling journey experience through the landside, terminal and airside transitions.

In optimising the design Woods Bagot has held true to the original narrative concept which took its inspiration from the local flora of Western Sydney and the region’s natural qualities such as the Great Australian Light.

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Project details

There is much to draw inspiration from—the topographic sculptural quality, the sky, and the colours and sounds—to create immersive outdoor and indoor experiences. Sustainability considerations are front and centre, with passive design principles drawing on natural light and airflows to provide superior energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The first view for passengers flying in will be from the sky. The Indigenous worldview is often aerial in perspective and, in line with the design principles, the terminal roof from above references the land. This view also echoes the topography of the plateaux and plains of the land. The peaks and undulations are gentle, and the colours are of the landscape, mimicking the grasses and woodlands of the Cumberland Plains.

The terminal roof will also be productive, generating solar electricity and harvesting rainwater. Sustainable and recycled materials will be used throughout the terminal, including the structure, finishes and furniture.

Taking its name from the famous Australian aviatrix Nancy-Bird Walton, the international airport will be the catalyst for the transformation of the Western Sydney region, creating jobs and opportunities.

Sydney, Australia
96,000 sqm
1,033,330 sf
Expected Completion

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