Local snapshot – New York


At Woods Bagot, we pride ourselves on local knowledge with a global outlook. We know each of our studio’s cities like the back of our hands, and we love to share what makes them special. 


Since opening its doors in 2009, our New York studio has been as lively and creative as the city it calls home. With a vitality that resonates with locals and visitors alike, Woods Bagot New York is an exciting studio dedicated to creating a meaningful body of work that enhances our built environment. For those that work there, it’s a place of endless opportunities and varied projects amid the city that never sleeps.

Here’s New York through the eyes of Interior Designer, John Pampoukidis.


John has a passion for creating timeless and elegant experiences that articulate a strong sense of narrative – often drawing on history or emotion to create welcoming spaces. Having worked on a variety of projects across Woods Bagot’s workplace, residential, hospitality, hotel, mixed-use and aviation sectors, he brings a distinctive and innovative touch to the design process. Hailing from South Australia, John joined the New York studio in 2018.

A view of SoHo – a typical NYC scene.

The New York Stock exchange is right next to the Woods Bagot studio, which means the team is always aware of any companies going public. There are these large banners that cover the entire façade of the stock exchange with the company’s logo.

“W-B NYC is loud, diverse and creative, just like the city we love to work in.”

The entry to Woods Bagot New York City.

The view from Manhatta’s bar and restaurant, which was designed by Woods Bagot.

“Located at the top of the 28 Liberty building, Manhatta has a 40-foot long, black walnut bar (one of the city’s longest) and soaring views of Manhattan as its backdrop.”

30 Broad Street, where you’ll find the entry to W-B’s NYC studio.

The studio’s material library is a great place to go to think. Materials can really influence how a space feels to be in by making it feel warm, cold, moody, bright or so on which creates emotion and a sense of belonging that’s really valuable.

Iconic Wall Street is close to the studio.

NYC’s famous financial district is not far from the studio.

Enjoying the view from Manhatta with a cocktail is a ‘must do’ for any visitor to NYC.

Another W-B project, The Over/Under Kiosks, is located a 15 minute walk from the studio.

“The Over/Under Kiosks are pair of 150-square-foot kiosks that serve as both installations and drink stalls for the Riverdeck in New York’s Seaport District.”

Standing at 10 feet tall, each piece is comprised of 800 aluminum cylinders covered in a powder-coat finish. The individual parts were bolted together to create the exterior shell that could stand on its own with an internal frame.

From inside, the effect is a bespoke lighting installation varying in multiple hues, shapes, and depths resulting from the angled curvature cut into the tubes’ ends.

NYC is out of lockdown, which means we’re able to go on site. Here’s the team safe in their hard hats at 49 Chambers Street.

While we’re on site we look for any site conditions that may impact our design and, during construction, we look for quirks or faults in craftsmanship to ensure the highest-level of execution for our clients.

Light steams in from outside at a recent on site visit to 49 Chambers.

“Being on site is important for interior designers because it allows us to get a feel for the space and how our vision will come to life when the design is complete.”

Outdoor dining – which is a by-product of the pandemic and the consequential city-wide mandate that closed all indoor dining – has been very popular and still remains on New York’s footpaths, sidewalks and roads even though indoor dining has returned. Here’s a spot in SoHo.

Pastis is a very iconic NYC restaurant in the meatpacking district.

It’s a theatrical evocation of Paris featuring bistro food and high-energy atmospherics from a chic crowd, take a seat at the bar and soak the energy in!

Looking up on the streets of SoHo.

Dudley’s Lower East Side Australian Café is a must-see for any Aussie away from home (or anyone who likes good coffee!).