From the Top

High-Rise Restaurant in New York Balances Location and Domestic Design Elements

Manhatta and Bay Room

Located at the top of Manhattan’s landmarked, 60-story tower, 28 Liberty, the tactfully devised bar, restaurant, and event space takes advantage of the city views while using warm materials to create an inviting environment. Working closely with restaurateur Danny Meyer, of Union Square Hospitality Group, the two-part project ties in the with building’s value proposition of promoting the site’s architectural history and the organization’s appreciation for art and entertainment.

Upon entering Manhatta—the restaurant and bar portion—the visitor immediately notices the expansive views of Lower Manhattan behind the 40-foot-long black walnut bar top through massive windows framed by steel detailing. The front of the bar is hand-chiseled granite complemented by antique brass luminaires that were perforated to avoid reflections onto both the glass windows and surrounding art on the walls.

Project details

To the right is the “West” dining room acting as a bookend with the “East” dining room which is positioned on either side of the open kitchen and wine wall. To set a relaxing tone away from the frenetic atmosphere of the city, the material palette is comprised of leather, walnut, granite, silkallo and bronze. For seating, the designers chose bare walnut tabletops and mid-century chairs paired with deep blue banquette seating flanking the walls.

The Bay Room wraps around Manhatta and is Union Square Hospitality Group’s first private event space. With the ability to accommodate over 800 people for a feed, it can also be broken up into partitions to create individual dining rooms. Yet no matter what area you find yourself, the overall mood is supposed to be cozy despite its luxurious location.

New York, New York
Union Square Hospitality Group
2,800 square meters

2018 International Facility Management Association’s Design and Construction of a New Facility (under 40,000 square feet) Award

Manhatta’s 40-foot long, black walnut bar is one of the longest in the city, and has Manhattan as its backdrop.

The classic and restrained esthetic of the dining room allows the surrounding sky and city to impress upon the space.