24 Feb 22

Harvey Milk Terminal 1, Boarding Area B Named World’s First LEED Platinum Airport Terminal

Already named Fitwel’s “Best in Building Health” for achieving the highest wellbeing rating, the Harvey Milk Terminal 1, Boarding Area B receives additional recognition for its sustainable design, becoming the world’s first airport terminal to attain LEED Platinum certification. Sustainable design and construction concepts were executed throughout the project’s 25-gate concourse, post-security concession space, and integrated connector to the U.S. Customs Federal Inspection Area to realize a terminal that uses 60% less energy than comparable facilities.


Honoring LGBTQ+ activist Harvey Milk, the terminal takes advantage of every innovation available, beginning with repurposing the existing Boarding Area B. Materials and systems used were selected to have the least environmental impact, like carbon-sequestering concrete and nontoxic carpet tiles and finishes. Other features include a sophisticated baggage carousel and photovoltaic panels on the roof, which generate the energy required for operations. The project’s radiant heating and cooling, and five-carbon filter air filtration, are more efficient and make for a more comfortable environment. Integrated Building Management infrastructure tracks these elements together, measuring energy and water use and adjusting equipment to optimal levels.

Sustainability and wellness initiatives undertaken at Harvey Milk Terminal 1, Boarding Area B will be applied to future airport terminal and aviation projects as W-B continues its transportation design excellence across the globe.

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