28 Mar 24

Shenzhen Sunshine Financial Tower: redefining skyline elegance

Woods Bagot proudly presents its latest architectural marvel, the Shenzhen Sunshine Financial Tower. This remarkable structure combines timeless aesthetics with modern functionality, redefining elegance in the city’s skyline. 

Occupying a prime position along the western coast of Shenzhen Bay, this iconic 33-level tower and 3-story retail base, enhancing the visual appeal of the cityscape. The architecture is the result of a collaboration between Woods Bagot’s San Francisco and Beijing studios.

Patrick Daly, AIA, the lead architect in Woods Bagot San Francisco, shares, As designers of People Architecture, our goal is to provide Sunshine’s workforce with environments that promote wellness, productivity, and collaboration; that are integrated into their communities, and that express the timelessness and stability of the Sunshine brand.

The tower’s design exudes simplicity and harmony with its surroundings. The curved crown, elegant proportions, and meticulous use of stainless steel and glass enclosure add a touch of sophistication to the structure, resonating with the timeless qualities of the site.

Principal Tao Wu, project leader

The crown of the building, an architectural icon, seamlessly blends functionality with beauty, becoming a defining feature of the tower. The roof garden, which serves as the fifth façade, adds an element of natural serenity to the structure. 

One of the standout features of the Sunshine Financial Tower is its façade, which incorporates high-quality stainless steel. This choice not only creates a visually striking statement but also allows for an interplay of light and shadow throughout the day. Additive façade elements further enhance the dynamic visual experience, captivating viewers both day and night. 

Spanning an impressive 80,800 square meters, the 162-meter tower was positioned at the major ending node of the landscape green axis, respecting the urban public realm of Houhai Shenzhen while accentuating and softening the skyline of Shennan Boulevard. It exemplifies the close collaboration between Woods Bagot and the client, Sunshine Insurance Group. Their unwavering support has been crucial in bringing this project to fruition,” says Jean Weng, W-B Director and Regional Mixed Use Design Leader – China.

The Shenzhen Sunshine Financial Tower is LEED gold certified, the completion of the tower marks yet another milestone in Woods Bagot’s legacy of delivering transformative architectural solutions. With its elegant design, sustainable features, and seamless integration into the urban fabric, this project further solidifies Woods Bagot’s reputation as a global leader in architectural excellence. 

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