Simple Elegance

Designed through a relationship with the context and the strong brand identity of Sunshine Insurance.

Sunshine Financial Tower Shenzhen

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Situated along the western coast of Shenzhen Bay, the Sunshine Financial Tower occupies a prime position within the north portion of the precinct’s master plan.

The building is comprised of two parts, a 33-level tower and a 3-story retail base. The buildings are connected with a bridge that links the retail through the office tower to an elevated pedestrian walkway at the east of the site.

The timeless quality and simple form enhances the public space and provides an elegant new tower to the Shenzhen skyline.  This is reflected in the curved crown, the elegant proportions of the tower and the tectonic nature of the stainless steel and glass enclosure.

Project details

The building’s crown design integrates the functions and beauty, creating the icon of the tower. The design of the roof garden creates the 5th facade of the building.

High quality stainless steel is used in the facade to create an architectural statement. Additive facade elements blend the vision panels of the primary curtain wall, the mechanical areas and the base and crown of the building into a singular solution that creates dramatic shade and shadow during the day and a powerful lighting look at night.

Shenzhen, China
Sunshine Insurance Group
88,000 sqm

Construction Photo – November 2021