24 Apr 24

Five Shortlists for 2024 CREDAWARD

Five projects by Woods Bagot have been shortlisted for the prestigious 10th CREDAWARD, a renowned design award in China.

This recognition highlights the studio’s dedication to enhancing local communities and urban life through ‘People Architecture’. With a collaborative approach and deep understanding of local contexts, Woods Bagot has created projects that positively impact the communities they serve. 

The nominated projects span various sectors, showcasing Woods Bagot’s versatility and ability to adapt to different contexts. They exemplify the firm’s multi-authorship approach, demonstrating their commitment to enriching the built environment.

Standard Chartered Bank Shanghai Headquarters

Public Building Interior – Headquarters / Office

Woods Bagot’s expertise shines in the Shanghai Standard Chartered Bank Headquarters, blending functionality with a tribute to Shanghai’s cultural mosaic. The design seamlessly connects different levels, capturing the city’s contrasts from the woven alleys of Shanghai’s Longtang on Level 16 to the vibrant Huangpu Promenade on Level 18. Innovative features like a sky lobby, green terraces, and panoramic views enhance the user experience. The design also reflects the bank’s commitment to sustainability and employee well-being.

Shenzhen Yanlord Dream Center 

Public Building Interior – Shopping Mall

Shenzhen Yanlord Dream Center is set to pioneer a borderless retail experience. The design concept aims to break traditional boundaries and create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a unique shopping experience and blurring the lines between retail, entertainment, and culture.

Nanjing Yicheng WuHuaLi Retail Street  

Future Project 

Spanning 800 meters across five plots, the project is a large-scale retail development located in Nanjing, China, aiming to create a seamless and accessible environment designed by Woods Bagot and SEU ARCH (Plot 1,5 and 6). It honors the city’s cultural heritage by integrating traditional elements with modern architecture. The project includes open plazas for community engagement and easy access to the waterfront, promoting community engagement while fostering a sense of belonging and promoting social interaction among its visitors.

Shenyang JoyCity Hub E

Comprehensive Commercial Project 

Situated amidst the 400-year-old commercial hub of Middle Street and the historic Mukden Palace, the project is a modern interpretation of a palace square, fostering a community spirit and cutting-edge retail in northeastern China. The design encapsulates the city’s legacy while embracing future trends, featuring the “Mega Loop” for a seamless retail experience and a striking façade that pays homage to local heritage.

Tianjin Jinmao Plaza

Social Public & Urban Regeneration 

A transformative project in a major port city of China, Tianjin Jinmao Plaza is an exemplar of sustainable urban regeneration. Completed in 2022, the project stands on the site of the historic Tianjin Thermal Factory, integrating the past with the present in a dynamic blend of retail, lifestyle, ecology, culture, and education. The concept of transformation was central to the project’s design philosophy, leading to the creation of a modern commercial complex that respects the site’s history as the city’s first electricity-generating plant.

The final results will be announced at the ceremony on July. Woods Bagot eagerly awaits the results and looks forward to continuing its mission of shaping inspiring and sustainable environments that leave a lasting impact.

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