Modern Ode to Tradition

Redefining the urban landscape with the innovative ‘Mega Loop,’ blending history, culture, and modern retail for a vibrant and dynamic experience.

Shenyang JoyCity

Presenting the latest “Mega Loop” Shenyang JoyCity Hub E, a contemporary reinterpretation of the Palace Square for Shenyang, a mixed-use complex that blends history, culture, and the modern retail experience. This iconic project stands as a testament to Shenyang’s rich heritage and JoyCity’s commitment to innovation and urban activation.

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Project details

Shenyang, located in north-eastern China, is a city teeming with historical and cultural significance. Middle Street, a vibrant commercial artery, has been thriving for over 400 years and lies at the core of the city’s bustling activity. Nearby, the venerable Mukden Palace, which served as the imperial residence of the Qing Dynasty, stands as a testament to Shenyang’s influential role in China’s storied past. With this rich history in mind, Woods Bagot has crafted a design strategy for JoyCity Holdings that integrates architecture, façade, and interior design at Shenyang JoyCity Hub E, transforming it into a key component of JoyCity’s expanding commercial presence in Shenyang.

Hub E is deeply entrenched in four centuries of retail history and is strategically positioned as a vital connector between the pre-existing hubs A through D. The innovative “Mega Loop” design weaves together various elements of the district, creating a continuous stream of retail and leisure opportunities that form an inviting and dynamic environment for visitors.

The design of the project takes into consideration Shenyang’s urban layout and climatic conditions, featuring spaces that cater to a preference for indoor environments. The public atrium, located on the third level of Hub E and jutting out towards the façade, introduces a “Community Stage” that serves as a hub for social interaction within the complex’s interior offerings, reimagining the Mukden Palace Plaza as a space that caters to the community’s needs.

The façade of the project is a standout feature, designed to enhance the complex’s engagement with its urban surroundings. The design team has woven the iconic red palette of Mukden Palace and the developer’s branding into the north-facing façade, creating a striking red pattern that resonates with JoyCity’s triangular logo and the cascading rooftops of the palace. This visual synergy not only captures the attention of passersby but also invites them to explore the complex’s architectural marvels. The unique folded façade highlights key areas such as the entrance, dining outlets, and the Community Stage, establishing a hierarchy of visual interest and respecting the human scale of Middle Street near the entrance with stacked glass boxes.

The structural strength of the side atrium, planned for public enjoyment, especially during winter, is supported by a 29-meter-high tensioned cable net system, the largest in northeastern China. This system within the façade amplifies transparency and views, creating visual and interactive links between the interior and exterior, offering visitors a compelling experience that connects them to their surroundings while enjoying the indoor amenities.

In addressing environmental considerations alongside retail functionality, Shenyang JoyCity Hub E strikes a balance that ensures sustainability. Solid walls in the retail base are designed to reduce heat loss during the cold season, while glass windows are strategically placed in food and beverage areas near corners and entrances to maximize retail appeal without sacrificing thermal efficiency. These windows are thermally separated from the interiors, allowing for engaging displays that do not compromise on energy efficiency. A thorough analysis has been performed to maintain a comfortable indoor climate year-round, optimizing energy consumption.

Shenyang JoyCity stands as a meticulously crafted destination that delivers vibrant and energetic retail experiences. It is particularly appealing to the city’s youthful and style-conscious demographic, embodying a dynamic fusion of Shenyang’s cultural heritage with contemporary design, and setting a new standard for architectural excellence in the region.

Shenyang, China
COFCO Property (Group) Co., Ltd.
78,818 sqm
CSCEC (construction)
EADG (landscape)

Talk to Katsuhiro Ozawa about Shenyang JoyCity