Trendsetter Transformation

An extension of the train station journey.

 Hysan Place



Reimagining retail, Hysan Place’s transformational journey continues as we proudly announce its shortlisting for the 2024 WAF Inside Awards follows the achievement of its silver win at the 2023 A&D Awards. 

Hysan Place is a high-rise retail mall and office building located at the heart of the busiest retail district Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. Given the keyword “Trendsetter”, the commercial complex involved a comprehensive repositioning and rebranding campaign to create a new generation of retail experience beyond just shopping and dining.  

Project details

The key objective of our design approach is to provide a space for community engagement, creativity, and exploration, particularly targeting a younger demographic. The project is divided into phases of different floor levels.

A reflection of urban attitudes. 

The underutilized semi-outdoor space was transformed into an urban park with skateboarding facilities, making it a vibrant and unique area for the public to enjoy in the heart of the city.  

The design is crafted with the concept of “urban attitudes”, achieving an urban vibe and streetscape through the application of certain rawness and authenticity associated with street culture such as the raw-looking bricks and metal, exposed wiring, and concrete structures. This skatepark is likely the only one of its kind within a shopping mall worldwide.   

The interior of the fourth to six floors is envisioned to be a non-typical retail space. A new atrium space was designed on the fifth floor to form a central a hub to connect through the multi-level retail space physically and visually, and most importantly to create an open hub where people can shop, hang-out and co-create through various events, such as street culture markets, art exhibitions, brand promotions, sports events, and music performances.  

An extension of the train station journey.  

The basement levels B1 and B2 were reimagined as an underground retail destination with a mix of retail brands, kiosks, and open F&B, blurring the boundary between shopping and dining. The spatial planning was redesigned to enhance the openness of visibility, circulation, and flexibility, creating a space for a sustainable urban lifestyle.  

The design concept is “an extension of the train station journey” which represents a unique and innovative approach to retail and leisure space planning. By aiming to evoke the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of a train station where people can gather, socialize, dine, and shop, the concept aspires to provide visitors with an engaging experience that transcends traditional retail settings.  

The combination of rich hazelnut wood texture, dark bronze metal details, concrete texture and raw terracotta bricks are selected to evoke a lavish yet utilitarian look and feel of urban train stations. These materials and colour palettes, highlighting the arc forms on columns and ceiling panels, and the bricks-like flooring details lend a sense of aesthetic authenticity to the space. The leather texture furnishing, and ambience lighting create a warm inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and contemplation. 

The revamp has successfully attracted footfall and the attention of youngsters to the lower levels while giving the visitors a more pleasant retail and dining experience. Adding value to the tenants that helped regenerate and establish Hysan Place as a trendsetter in the industry. The design achieved an aesthetic look and immersive experience that captured passersby’s attention and injected new energy into the space bringing the “Urbanhood” vision to life. 

Hong Kong, China
Hysan Development Company Limited
4,314 sqm (floor 4-6)
3,607 sqm (basement 1-2)
  • 2024 Inside World Festival of Interiors, Retail – Shortlist
  • 2024 A&D Awards, Best Retail Interior – Silver


An extension of the train station journey.

A reflection of urban attitudes.

Urban Park ceiling artist: Jane Lee.