A New Cultural Benchmark in Regenerative Urban Design

This Nanjing Riverfront Retail Project focuses on integrating and reinterpreting Nanjing’s traditional buildings, inspired by Nanjing’s landscape.

Nanjing Riverfront Retail Project

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Nanjing Yicheng WuHuaLi Retail render

The Nanjing project is a large-scale retail development located in a highly trafficked area in Nanjing, China. The site comprises an area of 50,850 square feet and is situated within a heritage area attached to the Qinhuai River.

The Nanjing project is made up of five separate plots spanning 800 meters. The project’s design approach focused on creating a seamless and accessible environment that connects the five plots. This environment supports a 24-hour community for local residents and visitors.

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Project details

To achieve this goal, the project design team employed several innovative strategies. These strategies included the placement of major programs and shop typology on the perimeter of the plots. This was done to create a continuous and activated public space.

The project also includes open plazas that provide easy access to the waterfront. These plazas create a vibrant and dynamic public space for the local community. The Nanjing project design prioritizes honoring the site’s cultural heritage while incorporating sustainability, connectivity, and activation.

Some of the key strategies identified to contribute to the success of the retail experience at the Nanjing project include:
1. Honoring cultural heritage:
The architecture design draws inspiration
from natural elements and ancient buildings, resulting in an exciting and engaging environment that reflects Nanjing’s rich cultural heritage. This approach creates a dynamic interplay between the old and the modern, resulting in a space that seamlessly blends the past and present.

2. Inclusive and accessible environment:

The Nanjing project design prioritizes
creating an inclusive and accessible environment that supports the local community and attracts visitors. This includes designing open plazas that punctuate the building massing and align with the old city fabric, providing easy access to the waterfront, and supporting a vibrant, 24-hour community.
3. Optimal placement of program and shop typology:
Extensive site studies were conducted to identify the most appropriate placement of program and shop typology to maximize the retail value of the space. This involved analyzing visitors’ traffic flow and determining where and how to place shops and programs to create a seamless and accessible environment.
4. Passive and natural means of design:
The retail architecture was designed u
sing Woods Bagot’s Environmental Performance Tools to ensure visitors’ comfort through passive and natural means of design. Solar radiation analysis was used to study shade for pedestrians and buildings. This approach includes aligning cross-site passages with the prevailing wind direction to maximize wind flow through the site, creating a sustainable and livable
environment that promotes efficient
ventilation and reduces energy consumption.
By incorporating these key strategies, the Nanjing project aims to create a vibrant and dynamic retail environment that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the area. It also promotes a sustainable and livable city for all.
Nanjing, China
SEU (Local Design Institute)
Changjiang Design Institute (Local Design Institute)
70,740 sqm
Expected Completion
  • 2022 MIPIM Asia Awards – Silver, Best Futura Project category

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Nanjing Yicheng WuHuaLi Retail render aerial
Nanjing Yicheng WuHuaLi Retail render

Our project revitalizes a rich historical zone by seamlessly integrating the urban fabric with the waterfront and green spaces, creating a harmonious and vibrant environment.

Our goal is to create multi-dimensional spaces that connect and engage the community, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting social interaction.

Nanjing Yicheng WuHuaLi Retail render
Nanjing Yicheng WuHuaLi Retail render
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