Los Angeles Studio

Christiana Kyrillou

Principal, Los Angeles Studio Executive Director

Woods Bagot’s “Re-Charge LA” proposal uses an electric mobility hypothesis as an opportunity to reinvigorate and re-energize the future of our infrastructure and create high-quality and evolving community-oriented places.

Woods Bagot’s Los Angeles studio is located at the historic Bradbury Building, as part of Neuehouse, a private workspace and cultural home for creators, innovators, and thought leaders. Built in 1893, The Bradbury Building has continuously operated as an office building since it was completed – becoming a National Historic Landmark in 1977.


The team in Los Angeles has worked all around the globe on a large variety of project types, including workplace interiors, aviation, hospitality, and mixed-use, and works collaboratively with the San Francisco studio on pursuits and projects throughout California.

We combine our global design sensibilities with SoCal culture and lifestyle for each project, creating unique places that naturally fit into the diverse community of our City.

“We are thrilled to part of the current growth Los Angeles is experiencing. As the youngest studio in the Woods Bagot family, we are looking forward to collaborating with our clients, colleagues, and peers to design world class places and buildings for our new community.”

Christiana Kyrillou, Principal, Studio Executive Director

Established July 2019

Tea drinkers: 50%, coffee drinkers: 50%

No employee drives to work – we all walk or take Metro (to be fair, not sure how this will change post-C19)

Bradbury Building
304 South Broadway, Floor 2
Los Angeles, CA 90013 USA

+1 213 766 0445