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Flyers Find Solace in LAX’s Daylit Waiting Area

Qantas, British Airways & Cathay Pacific Business Lounge

The new Joint Business Lounge shared by Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and British Airways provides a comforting environment that reflects the best of all airlines in one environment and provides customers an area to relax during their journey.

Project details

What distinguishes the space is the level of service and engagement provided to the customer and the diversity of areas created within the lounge. For instance, they have the choice to engage with staff and fellow travelers at the full-service bar or can eat or work in the dining room and order from the chef stationed in the front of house. The circular “den” also utilizes a fireplace, which was inspired by a common feature seen in many Los Angeles residences.

The light-filled deck area is screened off from the main lounge by the use of interior landscaping, which provides a sense of the “outdoors.” Sitting discreetly to the side of the deck behind privacy screening, the wellness area allows the customer to relax and unwind.

Los Angeles, California
Qantas Airways Ltd.
2,400 square meters; 26,000 square feet