Culture Shock

Cultural Pavilion Complements Nearby Finance Center

Xiangjiang FFC Marketing Display Centre

Inspired by its location, the 2,000-square-meter edifice Changsha’s Riverside Park is marked by a façade system with sinuous movements that mimic the nearby Xiangjiang River to the north. Standing at 16 meters in height, the mixed use cultural and recreation center is comprised of three stories with two undulating, opposing terraces that provide shade for both employees and visitors in the lower areas.

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Project details

Situated on Chashan Road between several residential, mixed use, financial, and transit precincts-and the 600,000-square-meter Xiangjiang Fortune Finance Center—the building was originally a marketing center for the developing city of Changsha, China. But the architects convinced both the client and the Changsha Planning Municipality to convert it into a design that could adapt to its immediate surroundings.

Accessible via three separate entryways, visitors and employees will find appropriate amenities readily available for education, recreation, and productivity. Such spaces include interactive and history exhibition areas, a public lecture hall, café, bar, and a ballroom. Visitors can also enjoy a rooftop terrace to take in the surrounding sites, such as the Fisherman’s Wharf North, Nine Riverside Road, and gardens. For employees working in the building, they will have access to boardrooms, a kitchen, and café, as well as their own roof garden and terrace.

Changsha, China
Changsha Pilot Hengwei Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
2,060 square meters
October 2016
  • World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2017, Finalist, Display – Completed Buildings
  • American Architecture Prize (2017) – Small Architecture category

Talk to Paolo Testolini about Cities and Places