Floral Welcome

Boutique Hotel in Sydney Marries City’s Industrial Past and Natural Environment

West Hotel



Located on Sydney’s Sussex Street, this new boutique hotel is a perfect getaway from the bustle of the nearby financial district. Neutral tones, natural materials, and references to nature comprise the contemporary interiors to set a relaxing mood while its forms take inspiration from the glazed, geometric façade designed by local architecture firm Fitzpatrick + Partners.

Project details

Upon arrival, the double-height entrance lobby reveals a suspended, mesh light fixture that is reminiscent of a cloud in the sky. Its floors are marked by overlapping diamond patterns with five different types of natural timber varying in hue to mimic the exterior’s design—which is made up of 333 individual panels that make several four-sided, crystalline shapes. Behind the custom concrete reception desk is a tile mosaic projecting large, Waratah flower motifs.

The restaurant, bar, and private meeting space for hotel employees are all framed by exposed interior metal beams and oriented around the open-air, internal glass atrium in the center of the three-story building. This positioning helps to provide an organic background while simultaneously serving as a retreat for guests. To the right of the concierge are the lobby lounge area and bar for travelers that includes walnut dining tables, velvet covered chairs, and geometric-patterned marble floors colored in hues of white, gray, turquoise, and green. A green terrazzo bar, comprised of three trapezoidal volumes layered on top of each other anchors the area in between the lounge and the restaurant. This piece was designed on site in order to achieve its meticulously designed angles that lay perfectly parallel to the floors’ treatment. Several narrow beams painted in either black and white hues cover the walls and partitions to break up the multiple spaces and further pronounce the vibrant colors of the accent pieces and furniture.

The 182 guest rooms and four suites use the same rich materiality and dark tones to allude to the coastal city’s industrial influence and provide a reprieve from its warm climate. Two panels of exterior crystal within the façade were covered with an opaque treatment to provide shade for the interiors. Steel-colored headboards with a repeated diamond provides a rich background for the rest of the elements such as honey-toned parquetry flooring, walnut timbers, and brass accessories. For the larger suites, framed, steel-colored glazed partitions separate the bedroom from the lounge area. The bathroom palettes utilize light-colored marble, natural stone tiles, and smoked glass. Floral carpet also covers the floors of the hotel rooms and suites. Additionally, some of the innermost rooms provide views to the atrium, which is the perfect confluence of all the project’s inspirations: nature, the façade, and creating a sanctuary in a city.

Sydney, Australia
West Hotel
9,000 square meters
Completion Date

The lush rainforested courtyard atrium provides a natural refuge from the busy city.

The immersive lobby features charcoal brickwork walls and a graphic timber floor of warm rich tones.