Weathered Inn

The Standard Hotel’s first Australian location, Fitzroy, is a well-worn and a well-loved suburb. That love is not just local, it is now global with travellers seeking out a local experience.

The StandardX



Travellers are now selecting to stay in Fitzroy rather than the CBD particularly in Airbnb properties. This tourism is good for local businesses however data we have collected is showing this is having a negative impact on rental prices and rental availability in the area. How do we address these issues while not having a negative impact on local businesses?

The demand for short stay accommodation is an indicator that hotels are now a viable typology for Melbourne’s inner suburbs. However the hotel typology needs to be appropriate for its context and embrace the idea of “being a local”.

Project details

This proposed Boutique hotel is a contextual response in terms of its built form and materiality. The built form holds the corner much like the numerous local pubs of the area. The material palette is simple and robust and acknowledges the industrial character of the area. At street level our proposal builds on the existing street character providing a diversity of spaces for locals to occupy and linger.

Melbourne, Australia
Standard International
Hecker Guthrie (Interiors)
6,000 sqm
64,500 sf
In Progress
Expected Completion