An Equestrian-Themed Bar with Victorian Novelties for Sydney

The Stables

Situated on the fourth level of the new Grandstand building at the Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, the bar is inspired by the traditional 18th-century members-only private clubs. True to its name, the design references horse stable through architectural gestures such as a series of brass and timber-clad columns, and private rooms with operable doors. The choice of raw materials, such as blackened steel, rough sawn, stained timber and comfortable leather-upholstered furniture, articulate the design with bespoke detailing that references horse equipment such as saddles and bridles.

Project details

Four main spaces—the Members’ Restaurant, Terrace, Reading Room, and Music Room—divide the bar to create intimacy. The Members’ Restaurant is a large space divided by outsized wunderkammers (German for cabinet of curiosities) which were inspired by Victorian drawing rooms and a series of bespoke banquettes.

The Terrace’s main feature is the expansive view to Sydney. Its colour scheme echoes the Union Jack, while outdoor rugs, planters and oversized rattan pendants evoke the atmosphere of a British colonial, tropical setting. The Reading Room features a pool table and low seating areas with bespoke chess- and backgammon-patterned table tops. Inspired by the fantasy novel and film, “Alice in Wonderland,” this space leads through to the Music Room through a large rotating bookshelf, complete with a bar and private dining room.

Sydney, Australia
The Keystone Group
1,200 square meters