Prewar Revival

Prewar Medical Center in New York is Converted to Residential Precinct

Gramercy Square

Gramercy Square is a renovation and rehabilitation of the former Cabrini Medical Center located in the historic Gramercy neighborhood of New York City. Founded in 1892 as the Columbus Hospital, the building served the local community within Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, and the East Village until 2008 when it closed due to financial difficulties.  In an aim to reinvent the site, the designers were presented with five interconnected buildings totaling 400,000 square feet to be converted into residential buildings.

Project details

In order to achieve this, two of the existing buildings were razed and parts of other buildings were demolished to maximize value and quality. The tallest tower, standing at 17 stories, was preserved. After some reworking, the resulting design is a residential precinct made up of four buildings, three of which were converted and one that was built from the ground up, with the same square footage as the original precinct.

New York, New York
CabGram Developers, LLC
37,000 sqm
400,000 sqf