Rising Tides

Historic regeneration of a social icon.

Glenelg Jetty



Glenelg has always been an important place in the lives of South Australians and the design celebrates the jetty in its heyday. The jetty provides a renewed focus for Glenelg and a strong piece of social infrastructure to connect with the community. The proposal represents a catalyst for the revitalisation of Glenelg and confirmation of Glenelg’s place as a regional destination. Born out of a study to help revitalise Glenelg and the City of Holdfast Bay, the redeveloped jetty was the result of an innovative collaboration with multidisciplinary consultancy Mott MacDonald and the City of Holdfast Bay.

Project details

The concept proposes a 15 metre wide by 400 metre long jetty that provides a new urban form to attract new visitors, including visiting cruise ship passengers. The proposal includes a large public event space and enclosed pavilion space at the end of the jetty; a boutique hotel, marketed to attract new tourist demographics to Glenelg; and a centre for marine excellence. Terminals for catamaran ferries, private luxury yachts and sea planes are expected to become further drawcards for attracting tourists and visitors to Glenelg. Despite the inclusion of the hotel and other amenities, the full length of the jetty remains open to the public. This was achieved by elevating the hotel over the jetty, which also frames the reinstated sea baths below. The jetty splits into lower and upper levels to provide continuous shelter along the jetty length and enabling better connection to the water for fishing and other activities.

Adelaide, Australia
City of Holdfast Bay
20,000 sqm
215,200 sf