Equinox Bishopsgate

Luxury Fitness Club’s Largest Location in the UK Serves London’s High-Performance Clients

Centrally located in London, the five-story club’s interiors were designed in collaboration with the Equinox Design Team to deliver a holistic lifestyle hub. Members can find fitness programming, luxury amenities and refined aesthetics that imbue the brand’s ethos. This club is also the company’s largest location in the UK, which gave the designers more opportunity to provide a creative array of settings which include a tech-enabled cycling class, enclosed spaces for hot yoga classes, and bespoke spas to recharge.

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A unique, light-filled façade comprised of black metal and glass partitions diffuses light while offering transparency throughout the space. This form is repeated throughout with stained oak wood dividers to break up the open space and alongside mezzanine staircases adorned by timber beams with varying widths. Interior walls are flanked by vertically-cut grey stone set with a diversified pattern to create rhythm while maintaining the industrial aesthetic of the concrete floors.

Members have exclusive access to a café in the mezzanine as well as retail offerings.






London, United Kingdom

Completion Date



32,000 square feet

Dividers and staircases encased in timber soften the industrial interiors.

Black metal and diffused glass partitions allow for lighting to permeate the five-story location.

The central mezzanine staircase acts as a central gathering point for members.