Campos Barangaroo

Pop-Up Brass Coffee Kiosk Expands on Lustrous Workplace Lobby

The permanent, pop-up style coffee kiosk is situated at the entrance of one of the newly completed International Towers in Sydney. Designed in conjunction with the lobby space in Tower Three, the boutique-scale project was planned to integrate the grandeur of the lobby and base building architecture.

The installation is made out of brass and takes on a sculptural form, in turn imbuing a sense of place and permanency through a refined interiors scheme expressed via the modern application of traditional materials.

More akin to an art gallery than a corporate workplace environment, the effervescent brass form has been positioned as a jewel within the lobby expanse, its elegant design becoming a meeting place for the building’s tenants and their guests.

An elegant insertion into space, the Italian-style stand-up coffee bar is accompanied by an outdoor seating zone that comprises bespoke furniture in brass and marble to match the materiality of the kiosk. The clean, industrial lines of the brass box structure, together with the brass mesh siding, grey marble counter and matching outdoor furniture work together in a considered and innovative way for a modern and minimalist outcome. 

The handcrafted coffee kiosk provides a striking and sculptural element within the expansive volume of the tower’s lobby, celebrating old-world craftsmanship with a contemporary form. The quality finishes of the kiosk not only reflect the Campos brand but also provide a fitting environment for Campos’ high energy, fast-paced team of baristas to create theatre on display.





Sydney, Australia


17 sq m kiosk + 50 sq m outdoor dining



Completion Date

June 2016


Australian Interior Design Awards AIDA (2017) - Shortlisted, Hospitality

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