Sky Sculpture

Wood Bagot has designed a “masterful” 59-storey hotel and commercial tower in the heart of Sydney’s CBD at 4-6 Bligh Street.

4-6 Bligh Street



Plans encompass a 421-room luxury hotel crowned by a stunning rooftop bar 200 metres above the site at 4-6 Bligh St, eight levels of premium office space, meeting and event rooms, retail, restaurants, and bars.

Woods Bagot’s design won a City of Sydney design excellence competition for the site, on which refurbished office building Bligh House now stands.

Graham Jahn AM, Director of City Planning, Development and Transport at the City of Sydney said the design “displayed a masterful architectural clarity and precision”.

“The slender hotel tower and infill podium will complement the extraordinarily rich setting of superb heritage-listed buildings that surround the site,” Mr Jahn said.

Project details

Woods Bagot Principal and project design leader Ian Lomas describes the building as “a new sculpture in the heart of the city” celebrating the theatre of a hotel while maximizing views from the hotel rooms, which occupy levels 14 to 56.

“We’re extremely proud of this design which is the first project to take advantage of the Central Sydney Planning Strategy by the City of Sydney and allows us to get the height we’ve been able to achieve,” Mr Lomas says.

Lomas  says the tower’s sculptural design is pure Sydney:  “The building is anchored in the tectonics of place, in its response to environment and has a timeless sculptural quality.

“It is instantly legible and has an honesty – what’s happening on the outside is expressed on the inside, there’s no artifice.

“I wouldn’t do this design elsewhere – it’s uniquely Sydney and driven wholly by the site, the light, aspect and environment.”

It is a hotel designed to create memories and sense of place.

“The world’s best hotels are ones that engage with and are part of the city in which they sit, and 4-6 Bligh Street offers that opportunity,” says Lomas

“At street level the building opens up, inviting the city in to participate, the hotel becoming a stage for the city’s future stories and memories.”

The sleek tower features a solid ribbed façade with vertical fins and recessed slot windows providing solar control, accentuating its profile, while the podium connects seamlessly with Bligh Street, inviting the outside in.

Sydney, Australia
Holdmark Property Group
205 meters tall
Plans approved