Local snapshot – London


At Woods Bagot, we pride ourselves on local knowledge with a global outlook. We know each of our studio’s cities like the back of our hands, and we love to share what makes them special. 


Established in 2001, the London Studio delivers a comprehensive architecture and interior design service. We have a London focus, achieving planning consents in a number of boroughs, most notably Westminster and the City, and we are proud of our growing portfolio of projects across the UK and Europe, often delivered in collaboration with an established network of local partners. Woods Bagot London is in Fitzrovia, close to many of our clients and consultant teams, making the space a brilliant base for project collaboration.

Here’s London through the eyes of Designer Alex Fox.

Alex Fox joined Woods Bagot in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience spanning workplace, residential and mixed-use sectors. He is currently a key member of the design team working on an exciting tall tower project. In addition to his day-to-day design work, Alex is a keen photographer, always taking the opportunity to shoot the many beautiful elements of London.

This was the picture that guaranteed my London Studio photography competition win! I took this at the British Museum, in a space filled with Necropolis pieces and ancient Greek friezes. I took this using a film camera so I had no idea how it would turn out and I feel like I got slightly lucky with it! London is great in that there are so many museums you can pop into when you have time to spare – the permeability of the public realm is really good here.

A view of the BT tower, taken from London’s Soho area – I always walk past this every morning on my way to the Wood Bagot studio, so I always see this as a key marker for getting ready for the day. When you look at the city view, it is the most distinct thing in Fitzrovia. You can look at a map of London or from a distance and I know that is where I work.

The Hampstead Pergola, very near to where I live. It is a great public space – very leafy and green, somewhat overgrown with views over the trees. London is the world’s first National Park City, so I am lucky that we have green spaces which are pretty spectacular.

“London is great in that there are so many museums you can pop into when you have time to spare – the permeability of the public realm is really good here.”

This is a detail shot from The Londoner, a hotel project we recently completed. This is the type of thing I really love about design, how imperfectly yet perfectly these tiles reflect the light – it is distorted and different, but still grounded.

Quite dramatic weather-wise, very much like London. Sometimes it is just so grey, and rain is hanging in the air, but it never quite hits. It was one of those days – I took on Lambeth Bridge this as I left the Newport Street Gallery, where Damien Hirst hosts his shows.

Taken from my living room – I’ve not actually walked past the church, but every evening we get these great sunsets that backlight it. It’s a favourite shot for me to photograph. This one is a personal favourite.

“Historic elements of the city blend with the modern world of commerce.”

London’s pub life is very well-known around the world. This is one of the many pubs in Borough Market, near London Bridge. Again, the London weather was playing up, bringing a downpour shortly after bright sunshine. It was super busy, with everyone trying to hide under the umbrellas refusing to go inside, which is typical of how Londoner’s deal with this.

This is a view of The Shard. One of my friends convinced me that we should wake up super early to watch the sunrise on Hampstead Heath the day after my birthday – this picture is a result of that. This foggy but bright atmosphere – very typical London haze – and all of London waking up with an iconic building in background.

I recently visited the Convene project in 22 Bishopsgate where WB provided all the interiors. It’s a super beautiful space and I think the stair in particular is really interesting as its reintroduces the implied verticality in a tall building. Having a space where there is a connection between the floors is really cool, it builds on the perception of the building you have from the outside.

Overlooking the city from Convene the space has so many different aspects allowing you to absorb street, roofs and towers – with iconic buildings in the background. This view shows the historical elements of the city blended with the modern world of commerce.

Talk to London Studio Chair James Taylor about what to see next time you’re in town.