07 Mar 23

Woods Bagot moves into new own-design Dubai Studio

Dubai Studio

The Woods Bagot Dubai Studio recently moved into a new address at One Central, Dubai – home to all WB teams working across the Middle Eastern region.

Designed by the firm’s own architects, the new workspace aims to promote collaboration, with a layout that ensures vibrancy and connectivity, including flexible spaces to support multiple styles of working. This studio also embodies the WB design ethos and adopts variety of sustainability and biophilic features to improve environmental performance and wellness for staff.

Richard Fenne, Director and Executive Regional Chair, comments: “It’s been a really exciting few months getting settled into our new studio.

“During the design stages for the interiors, we wanted something that would reflect the WB credo – People Architecture – while also emphasising the importance of wellbeing, sustainability, and creating a collaborative environment.”

Samer Charara, Principal and Dubai Studio Chair, comments: “Having been here a few months now, we are very happy with the outcome, and it’s been wonderful celebrating the new space with the team – as well as being able to welcome our clients and global colleagues in too.”

Collaboration and flexible working both played key roles in the studio’s design, with a focus on creating spaces that encourage contemporary and adaptable work styles.

Bringing people together was also at the heart of the design. This concept has been manifested in the reception through a symbolic reference to the traditional ‘Majlis’ – both as a symbol of ‘coming together’ as well as being a nod to Middle Eastern culture and craftsmanship.

The pantry and reception have been merged so that the pantry’s activities can offer liveliness to the reception, while its atmosphere elevates the sense of arrival. The design of the pantry provides space for individuals and teams, and there are two more break out and collaborative spaces – one is in the open studio and the second one is the multi-function room which can be closed and be used as boardroom, as well as a space for social activities and classes.

There is an earthy and natural, yet simple, material pallet throughout. This forms a sense of closeness and warmth, while the furniture and equipment have been carefully considered to improve the quality of daily life in the studio. Greenery prevails throughout the space and continual views of the external tree canopy evoke a connectivity with nature and support biophilic principles.

This is a lively design studio and one that reflects the values of W-B. The layout and the materials selected reflect the global studio brand, whilst also having elements that speak to this unique location in the Middle East.

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