23 Jan 24

Shenzhen Yanlord Dream Center – pioneering borderless retail experience

Shenzhen Yanlord Dream Center, a prominent development in Longgang District, is poised to become a revolutionary retail destination with its visionary concept of ‘Borderless Retail.’

Covering an expansive 100,000 square meters, this visionary complex aims to become the epicenter of imagination in east Shenzhen. Seamlessly connected to Huizhou and the metro system, it stands adjacent to the Eco-Tech Campus of Shenzhen – Pingshan High-tech Industrial Park, catering to the everyday shopping and entertainment needs of the local residents.  In line with the Government’s Eastern Expansion Strategy for Shenzhen, Dream Center plays a pivotal role in leading the retail development in eastern Shenzhen and bridging the retail gap within the five sub-districts of Longgang.

In a bold departure from traditional retail formats given the large scale, Dream Center embraces a triad of retail experiences: mall, street, and court. This innovative approach not only generates three distinct atmospheres but also stimulates footfall from one area to another, fostering a seamless retail journey that sets Dream Center apart from its counterparts.

The ‘mall’ contains the typical interpretation of an indoor shopping center, providing extended living for the surrounding residents and campus users. The ‘street’ consists of outdoor platforms and arcade corridors, interconnecting the internal trade mix to the landscape and maximizing the overall user retail experience. While the ‘court’ is the central plaza, placemaking a shared space for events and supporting the night economy.

“The borderless design framework transforms shopping behavior from a mere action to a captivating experience,” explains Woods Bagot’s Principal-in-Charge, Christopher Lye.

“We blur types, blur volumes and blur functions to break the traditional operation rules and emphasize the relationship between the space and consumer behaviours.”

The entryways mirror the radiating essence of the brand logo, creating a compelling multi-level experience in a three-dimensional form that guides visitors between mall and street. The entry volume not only served as a vertical circulation system, but also created a bespoke experience with a visually impactful gesture.

The atrium has been reinvented with an ‘inside-out’ approach, not just as a passive space but as a dynamic vertical axis that connects different levels and drives footfall from lower to higher levels through greenery, water features, and art installations, crafting a mall within a mall.

“‘Retail’ here extends beyond mere shopping; it encompasses the entire retail ecosystem, with a strong focus on space utilization and placemaking,” states Lye.

With multi-functional event spaces scattered throughout the complex, we achieve sustainability with these flexible platforms catering to a wide array of community activities while minimizing waste and operational costs. The modular design of public spaces ensures high construction quality and effective outcome control, further underlining the project’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

As Shenzhen Yanlord Dream Center opens its doors, it becomes more than a retail hub; it’s a beacon of future development, a nexus for community life, and a catalyst for the regeneration of Longgang District. It is a testament to Woods Bagot’s dedication to creating spaces that not only redefine the consumer experience but also invigorate the communities they serve.

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