27 May 24

Construction underway for Shanghai’s urban renewal project, Duolun Road

Woods Bagot is pleased to announce that the construction of the Duolun Road Urban Renewal Project in Shanghai’s Hongkou District has officially begun with Director Pearl Huang and Associate Principal Hang Xu invited to the groundbreaking ceremony in late April.

This project, which won an international competition in 2022, aims to transform Duolun Road into a dynamic and multifunctional space that seamlessly integrates historical and cultural elements with modern architecture, commercial vitality, artistic expression, and residential comfort. By addressing the challenges of a high-density historical neighborhood, this endeavor will breathe new life into the neighborhood, rejuvenating the centennial elite culture and business community of Duolun Road and North Sichuan Road District, and creating an elegant and vibrant humanistic city landmark for Shanghai Hongkou.

The project is located in Hongkou central historical community and the central advanced culture leading area. It is surrounded by residential communities, office crowds, schools, and historic buildings that showcase the cultural customs of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s.

To enhance the overall branding of the Duolun Road project, ERA and Woods Bagot Shanghai have collaborated to create a new identity deeply rooted in the history of Duolun Road and its culturally rich neighborhood. The project’s name ‘Xuan Duo Lun’, which means ‘Splendid Duo Lun” in English, represents its magnificent and vibrant future. The logo design draws inspiration from the arches of the historical building, symbolizing the fusion of the old and the future. These arches will frame the identity and wayfinding at Duolun Road, creating an endure dialogue between historical Duolun Road and the new development.

Pearl Huang and Hang Xu attending the ground breaking ceremony.

Spanning nearly 220,000 square meters, the project is divided into two phases with the Phase 1 (West Plot) focusing on providing TOD-led business cluster with Grade A offices and commercial formats and Phase 2 (East Plot) emphasizing the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage. Thus the project’s planning and layout continue the historical east-west fishbone structure of Duolun Road, harmoniously integrating the scale of the new buildings with the urban fabric, accurately reflecting the changing architectural density from north to south.

Three major thematic areas are linked with the existing functions of Duolun Road. The “Inspiration Oasis” will cater to future office development needs, providing a flexible, versatile, and healthy ecological office space. The “Elegant Luxury Community” will inherit the cultural heritage to meet the needs of contemporary international elites for living and socializing. The “Poetic Realm” will continue the century-old cultural context of Hongkou, creating a historic district with both commercial quality and cultural flavor.

As this ambitious project unfolds over the next four years, it promises to redefine the landscape of Sichuan North Road, revitalizing central Hongkou District and establishing it as a shining example of urban renewal. Woods Bagot’s design seeks to strike a delicate balance between preserving the charm of historical buildings and introducing modern amenities that cater to the evolving needs of residents and visitors.

By infusing the district with a vibrant mix of Shanghai-style architecture, art culture, and the spirit of literary giants who once graced its streets, Duolun Road will continue to captivate both locals and tourists. It will present itself as an “open-air museum” that narrates the story of Shanghai’s evolution and revives the glory of the neighborhood. The completion of this remarkable project is estimated to be in May 2028.

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