06 Sep 23

Woods Bagot appoints sustainability consultant for Australia and New Zealand

Julieta Loya joins Woods Bagot as the new regional sustainability consultant, bolstering the organisation’s sustainability credentials and Global Impact strategy.

At Woods Bagot, Loya will assist the Australia and New Zealand studios on projects in all sectors, co-designing strategy at all project stages to ensure the client’s sustainability goals are realised.

“I was drawn to Woods Bagot for its beautiful, timeless designs,” says Loya. “Beauty is a key part of sustainability: the better a design is, the more likely we are to want to preserve and cherish it.”

Utilising her specialised knowledge in the field, Loya will work internally to develop the knowledge and capabilities of the team around sustainability tools and strategy. She will also work externally with clients, communicating what Woods Bagot can offer in the field of sustainability and regenerative design. 

“It’s a big endeavour, but I’m lucky to be part of an open, enthusiastic and supportive team at Woods Bagot,” says Loya. “I’m looking forward to the possibilities.”

Loya is passionate about permaculture, living systems thinking, biophilic design and biomimicry. She is an advocate for transitioning from a human-centric to an eco-centric approach, and is interested in incorporating First Nations knowledge and practices of designing with Country in modern methods of construction.

Born in Cancun, Mexico, Loya has trained in architecture, having studied a Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) at the Universidad La Salle in Mexico City.

Loya completed a Master in Architectural Science (Sustainable Design) from the University of Sydney (USYD), and a diploma in biomimicry at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City – a course run by the Biomimicry Institute.

Previously, Loya worked as a regenerative design advisor with Mott MacDonald. She has also worked in education as an academic tutor at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and USYD in their undergraduate and graduate programs for architecture, environments and architectural sciences.

Throughout her career, Loya has been mentored by industry leaders within Regenesis Group, pioneers in the field of regenerative development. She has studied regenerative development through Regenesis’s The Regenerative Practitioner (TRP) program – a deep-dive into the fundamentals that underpin regenerative practices.

“Regenesis has pioneered the regenerative development movement for over twenty-five years in many fields, including the built environment,” says Loya. “They have paved the way for the next generation of regenerators through generous knowledge-sharing and trailblazing in integrative design and living systems thinking.”

Loya will be working closely with Woods Bagot’s Global Sustainability Leader Russell Fortmeyer to strengthen the practice’s sustainability credentials.

“Julieta further expands our design-led sustainability practice within Woods Bagot and, importantly, allows us to better serve our projects and clients as they respond to the climate crisis and increasingly ambitious regulatory demands,” says Fortmeyer. “Having her embedded within our existing design culture and on individual projects will bring a sustainable perspective to our work from the start, and we know that this is critical for delivering both high performance and value to our clients.”

Loya joins Woods Bagot’s Global Impact Group, which includes Krupa Pai in LA and Camille Roché-Randon in Hong Kong, and a network of architects and designers implementing the Global Impact strategy in all 17 studios.


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