07 Jul 17

Reimagining The Evolution Of Ownership Through Mixed-use Development

Amenity, Affordability & Ownership

The notion of affordability and ownership has undergone significant disruption in recent years. No longer is the ideal to occupy everything you own with more urban occupants becoming “renters” through their entire life-cycle. This enables “adaption” as the primary criteria for the future flexibility of building affordability.

Mixed usage building are particularly well-positioned to allow for this shift. Rich amenity and program diversity within a single mix use complex can pair with the significantly changing trends of tenants wanting to spend more time spent in between the various usages.

As a bi-product of this new mix, these buildings are subsequently healthier as their utilisation ratio is dramatically increased. They are also more flexible in terms of the varied type of accommodation made available to their users.

The new mixed-use development feasibility modelling is significantly different from single-use buildings as revenue is derived across many sources both short and long term.

Blurring across sectors

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Gold Mark Towers

While predominantly private at the top floors, the ground plane is more perforated to bring public through the site of the Gold Mark Towers.

This encourages pedestrian traffic to shape retail ground plane experience.