07 Jul 17

Fueling The Urban Network Of Supertalls

Connected to the City

As urban densification continues and with mass urban migration unabated, cities are becoming our new regenerators of social sustainability. As a result, horizontal communities are now being inverted to a mixed vertical disposition.


The location of these mega-mixed usage buildings requires a commercial nexus of activities, often found around major urban transport hubs. This model allows for the quick dispatch of its occupants while relieving cities of the ecological burden of carbon-centred transport.

There are symbiotic benefits between the city and its buildings in order to deal with densification and the continued vertical property of its occupants, many of whom are now calling the city home.

Blurring across sectors

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447 Collins

As the program mix evolves, the form is in direct response to partnership of usages within 447 Collins.

The modified program is reflected morphologically and works in section starting at the public base through the private tower. Composite programs (driven by user needs/ developer needs) are nested together to shape the building.

Key moments within the mixed-use arrangement are the connection points/thresholds between programs. These larger floorplates brought to the top of the of scheme provides more real estate value in unexpected areas.