Workplace Architecture

The future of workplace architecture is the opposite of its rigid, stratified and homogenous past — it’s flexible, diverse and connected. 

“A new workplace typology has emerged – one that embodies sustainable objectives through adaptability, meeting the evolving needs of occupier and market demands. Authenticity, character and experience have become key success measures and underpin our design approach.  “

Richard Fenne
Richard Fenne

Principal, Regional Executive Chair – Middle East

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Architecture for the workplace

Through our Workplace e(X)perience (WX) tools, developed by ERA, we are able to design and develop digital design systems based on qualitative and quantitative user and spatial analysis. This provides the data-rich evidence to analyse the workplace and advise tenants, designers and developers on how to craft contemporary workplace experiences.


increase in shareholder returns as a result of focusing workplaces around user centric design, according to a recent McKinsey business report.