Residential developments also need to consider adaptability, social equity and quality of life in all facets of a city’s inhabitants. 

“Prioritisation of experience and  livability shift the definition of residential value from traditional area calculations to quality and flexible functionality.”

Simon Saint
Jason Fraser

Principal, Global Sector Leader – Residential

We believe partnership is the driving force behind every successful residential transformation.

We’ve worked with some of the most successful residential developments in the world. See how we have helped shape their operations through strategy and design.

We Design Products that Sell


Our process sits in the space between Client Aspirations and Buyer Insight initially understanding where the client places value and fine-tuning our deliverables to maximise values.


We understand what makes is a successful residential products

  • UNDERSTANDING buyers and the impact of brand on them
  • CREATING recognisable and consistent spaces across the product range
  • CHOREOGRAPHING sales, from visual collateral to the buying experience


A data-driven residential platform

We leverage tools that expand on strategy and influence design to provide clients with insights into their residential developments from unit configurations, floorplate efficiency, environmental performance and much more.

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