Framed Context

A New Apartment Typology for Melbourne

Elwood House

While modern in its design, Elwood House is still very much part of its historic neighborhood. The four-story development reflects the local grain and scale of its Melbourne precinct while simultaneously evolving this particular site into a more refined solution for the area. Drawing on the character of the architectural vernacular, the new multifamily complex transforms the typically low-scale residential language of the area.

In collaboration with Piccolo Developments, the entire construction contains 30 apartments, ranging in size from one to three bedrooms. Each unit is unique, designed as individual houses targeted at local tenants looking to downsize to a more compact residence.

Project details

This approach represents a fundamental shift in apartment typology planning, with each dwelling providing a specialized solution as opposed to the streamlined uniformity typical in unit development. The results provide an elevated living experience for the owners with consideration for both privacy and community.

Melbourne, Australia
Piccolo Developments
1,400 square meters
Completion Date
Hecker Guthrie (Interior Design)
Tract (Landscaping)
  • 2018 City of Port Phillip Design and Development Award – Multi-Unit & Mixed Use Development
  • 2018 Australian Institute of Architects, VIC Chapter – Commendation, Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
  • 2018 World Architecture Festival – Shortlisted, Building of the Year Award
  • 2018 IDEA Awards – Shortlisted, The Multi-Residential Building Design Award
  • 2018 Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence – Judges Award, Metropolitan Melbourne | Shortlisted, National Medium Density Development Award
  • 2019 Property Council of Australia Awards for Excellence – National Award Winner, Residential Development of the Year | Winner, The Victorian Development of the Year | National Finalist, Residential Development


“For Elwood, the locals wanted an unobtrusive, natural-looking building, and we knew the residents would want to fill their homes with greenery and plant life. With this in mind, we spent a lot of time perfecting the landscaping and incorporating beautiful planters across each balcony, with leaves cascading down the building’s façade.”

Michael Piccolo, Managing Director, Piccolo
Piccolo Melbourne