Design studio environment embraces the cultural benefits of the agile, collaborative, and diverse workspace.

Woods Bagot San Francisco Studio

Given the long but flexible hours of modern day work life, the studio design is more like a home, warm and liveable and is aimed at improving quality of daily life for all who work and visit.

Blending typologies from exhibition design, a library, model workshop, private home to a communal social space, the ‘rotunda’ provides a sense of arrival and instant immersion. It straddles from being a client arrival space, a meeting space, a reception, seeing into the work zones and the ‘history’ of projects via the open gallery.

Project details

The studio proposes a continual commentary on design, through the display
of models and process work we have created, cataloguing ideas in a physical
form, an exhibition of sorts, to enable our clients to engage both in the design process and in the materiality of our work.

Team zones are designed to be flexible and movable to promote collaborative working. We are continually inspired by the optimism of youth and the studio is aimed at being a magnet for attracting and promoting the best people around the world; a culture of innovation across one global studio.

San Francisco, CA
15,000 sf
1,393 sqm