Flipped Classroom

Business School Embraces “Flipped Classroom” for Active Learning

UNSW Business School

The Business School at the University of NSW has been transformed into a series of informal and formal teaching and learning environments focusing on peer-to-peer education and technology-enabled collaborative learning.

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Project details

A pilot project that aims to apply the principles of the “flipped classroom” into a physical reality, “The PLACE” (Peer Learning And Creative Exchange) rethinks conventional classroom activities as homework activities.

The PLACE has been designed to allow class time on problem solving, team work and group learning, with a unique identity designed to enable integrated technology-rich learning.

Connectivity is key in the research-based design approach. A continuous ribbon-like motif flows throughout the space accentuating the linkages between public central spaces and private study zones.

The PLACE also links the Business School with the broader campus network by creating a dynamic and permeable space at the base of the existing building.

The informal, collaborative learning zones throughout the design are conducive to the exchange of ideas and social engagement, creating an innovative typology of learning for the future.

Sydney, Australia
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
1,400 square meters
September 2014

Talk to Sarah Ball about Education and Science