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A resilient showroom designed to endure constant change.

Stylecraft Perth



Stylecraft’s Perth showroom occupies the former Level 2 space at Fleet House which was vacated by Woods Bagot in May of 2016. Beyond the reinvention of existing space, it was a space that Woods Bagot knew intimately. With its heritage came inherent parameters that would inform the design regarding management of universal access and a saferoom that articulated the defined break up of space.

Project details

Working with Stylecraft was a very fluid and organic matter. To appreciate their drivers, we realised the importance of comfort for Stylecraft’s people and customers alike. A focus on hospitality that bridges a corporate and domestic aesthetic through a very cost conscious solution that still creates decadance by way of subtle embellishments. The volume of space was maximised to provide greatest flexibility without being overwhelming. The creation of elevated floor planes and space frames provided better opportunities of curation that could best support attention from large crowds to more intimate settings.

Perth, Australia
450 sqm