Sincere Plaza

Creating a "Lifestyle Valley" in a Modern Chinese Metropolis

Woods Bagot was responsible for devising a retail strategy and the retail planning and interior design with the aim of creating a new lifestyle destination for Sincere Plaza in Shanghai.

Unified by the Lifestyle Valley concept, the space seamlessly connects landscape, architecture and interiors in a relaxing and memorable environment. The space was divided into two main areas: the first a shopping mall with a luxurious yet light feel and the second an F&B and family-oriented space. Customers are invited on a journey of discovery, via spontaneous-feeling ‘pockets’ of indoor and outdoor retail spread throughout.

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The concept of the valley is expressed through the architecture and the curvilinear layout of the complex, creating a space that flows and moves smoothly in all directions, promoting circulation through the retail space. The natural elements of the valley are transformed into the interior and architectural design: the ceiling as river streams, the void edge and skylight feature as ripples, the flooring as a canvas for tidal movement, and the ‘Market Park’ as scenery. The poetic design approach is enhanced by ambient lighting, recalling Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s regard of architecture as ‘frozen music’. The underlying aesthetic rhythm of the shopping architecture complements the variety of retail options, creating a pleasurable and calming lifestyle experience.

This iconic project is Shanghai’s first park and retail concept, acting as a benchmark for the North Shanghai district for years to come.


Sincere Group, Shanghai Shibei Hi-Tech Group




Shanghai, China

Completion Date



270,000 square meters